Scoutnex: Empowering Football Industry With Interactive Sports Networking

CIO Vendor Indian football has seen a considerable growth with the steady rise in the number of professional leagues and grassroots programs in the country. Seeing the gradual increase in the number of fans and players, the corporate sector is also taking this opportunity to invest in this sport. Overall, the technology and innovative solutions are taking over the traditional approach towards the sports, which has given rise to a competitive market of sports technology providers in India.

Though new technologies are making inroads into the industry, lack of effective platforms where football players can easily communicate or showcase their talents has kept the sport from flourishing further in the country. With more than 20 million footballers in the country, there are exceptional talents especially under the age of 17 that are going unnoticed due to the lack of proper information and connections with the clubs, coaches, agents, scouts and academies. Moreover, solution providers tend to incorporate all the sports within one single platform, and fail to focus on the pain point of a specific sport.

Enhancing user experience by focusing on football alone, Scoutnex based in Bangalore, with its interactive sports network mobile application, is playing an important role in the growth of the professional football community by identifying, showcasing, and helping in recruiting the best talents. Scoutnex provides an open platform for all the stakeholders in football, allowing users to interact via private messages, engage in events, search for opportunities and upload videos that showcase the players’ talent. “Scoutnex is a global networking platform where football players, coaches, scouts, agents, clubs, and academies connect to discover the best talents in football,” says Rahul Raju, CEO.
Bridging the Communication Gap between Different Stakeholders in Football
To tackle the communication gap that exists in the football industry, Scoutnex app provides an open networking platform where coaches can directly search for players without relying on third parties such as agents and scouts and get regular updates about football events around them. Coaches and scouts can look for job opportunities or post player/ coach requirements and also provide full-fledged scouting reports for any player.

Platform for Footballers to Showcase Their Talents
Scoutnex app has provided a platform where players can showcase their talent by creating their football CV and uploading their match highlights to impress scouts, agents and coaches. It further helps players in building their network by connecting with other stakeholders in the sport. Players can search and participate in football events around them and can also search for opportunities that match their skillset.

Scoutnex is a global networking platform where football players, coaches, scouts, agents, clubs, and academies connect to discover the best talents in football

“We are currently focusing on the global release of the Scoutnex mobile app, and are also in the process of developing the Scoutnex Discovery Engine, an AI powered tool, which will automate and simplify the process of talent discovery. We also have some expansion plans in the pipeline which includes advanced video recording tech and wearables. Our vision is to become the world’s most reliable and most accessible Talent Discovery Network,” concludes Rahul.