STUPA Sports Analytics: Bringing the Awaited Technological Revolution in Table Tennis

CIO Vendor The sere influence of next-gen technologies in sports domain has candidly been a game changer for the stakeholders; from engaging fans, to content consumption, to most importantly in bringing the best out of an athlete’s skill sets to help them thrive in today’s highly competitive era. However, technology has been mostly limited to certain sports’ domain and to some top notch athletes and teams. Hence, this requires technology solutions which can bring forth the much needed change in other sport domains to help its evolution.

Coming to the fore, a one-year old startup which has brought a revolution in one of the most beloved sports – Table Tennis – is STUPA Sports Analytics. Considering the current evolution and the popularity of this sport, the company has been the first one to light the lantern in providing an in-depth analysis to help every stakeholder - specially the athletes and their coaches – and further glorify this sport culture, globally.

“Currently, analysis is mostly done for the top professional players; here in STUPA, we want to make the technology accessible for all level of players; from amateurs to professionals who like the sport, so that the whole fraternity can take advantage of our services through real time analysis,” signifies Megha Gambhir, Founder & CEO at STUPA.

Ensuring In-depth Analysis and Player Profiling
Focusing on one particular match of a player, STUPA’s Match Analytics bundles every technical, tactical and movement analysis of a table tennis player, thus aiding coaches to understand the effectiveness of game-plans, strategies and player's strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, player
performance profiling is also looked upon thoroughly to identify important performance attributes and encapsulate trends and pattern of play by taking into account the large amount of data – For this, historical data of around 20-30 matches are considered minutely.

Stupa’s other state-of-the-art features which include training/practice analysis & physical assessments, deeper analysis of each player’s effective placement zones, presumptions and apprehensions of the players about the opponents and their own game, identifying the movement and transitional errors while playing rallies during the match have undoubtedly been a game changer for this domain.

Ensuring Sports Loyalty
As fan engagement has been a very crucial subject today, STUPA doesn’t miss an inch to provide real-time stats for broadcasting big events or leagues. Through data mining of historic data to drive career stats while also pin-pointing every change in the behaviour of a player, the company make sure that fans doesn’t miss a beat of the game. Furthermore, they create cinematic visual presentations which show complete statistics and comparison of players using attractive graphics, music, and voice over.

“Being a year old start-up, our service has been already recognized by many top indisputable talents around the world, players like the Men’s youth world no. 1 Manav Thakkar from India, Women’s world no. 19 Adriana Diaz from Puerto Rico, Men’s world no 27 Kanak Jha also from USA to name a few are already making a mark in the international arena through our application. The company has also provided its services in collaboration with the parent body of this particular sport including “International Table Tennis Federation” and “USA Table Tennis”, signifies Deepak Malik, Co-Founder & COO of the company.

As for STUPA’s future roadmap, they have been vigorously exploiting AI technology to start its best-in-standard online education, fitness training and assessment. The company also has much awaited plans for other sports genres such as badminton, squash, and lawn tennis, among others.