Yoska: Enhancing training experiences in endurance sports landscape through powerful SaaS-based platform

CIO Vendor Being fit is neither a social pressure nor an individual choice, rather an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. The need to stay fit and healthy is growing for various reasons such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases, the exponential growth of mass participatory events, and the cost of healthcare skyrocketing.

Traditional gyms are giving way to new age fitness centers and there is a growing need for personalized training especially in endurance sports and general fitness. Customers today prefer programs that enable training anytime, anywhere based on their convenience. They also prefer certified coaches who are active athletes and continue to chase their own fitness goals. Personalization at scale will be possible only by adopting technology and is sustainable only by marrying human interventions and technology.

However, in the global coaching fraternity, not everyone is tech-savvy and each one’s coaching philosophy differs from the others. Therefore, the need is for a simple to use yet powerful tool that is flexible to enable different coaching approaches. Also, coaches prefer technology to be a strategic differentiator than an operational nightmare.

Perfectly understanding the aforementioned requirements, Bangalore Headquartered Yoska offers Coach Deck – the only Indian SaaS product in the global endurance sports space, built to enhance the training experience. Yoska is derived by combining the Sanskrit words – ‘Yos’ – which means healthy or happy and ‘Ka’ – the body or soul. Yoska is a way of life that promotes a ‘healthy body and happy soul’.

Coach Deck is built from the experience of Yoska’s Chief Coach & Co-Founder, Deepak Raj, and also from focus group discussions with coaches across the globe. This platform (web and mobile app) comprises rich
features that are carefully chosen to enable coaches to optimize their time in designing training plans and interacting with trainees, and ultimately get the best out of their trainees and enhance the training experience.

“Built for the coaches and by the coaches, Coach Desk is not only used in our training academies but also used by coaches/academies in India and Australia as well. We have introduced several Industry-first features in this platform, which makes the life of a coach easy,” says Deepak.

A Complete Digital Solution
This complete digital solution helps in maintaining the digital record of every trainee’s fitness goals, fitness history, injuries, performance, personal schedules, enabling coaches to deliver superior training experiences. All communication between a coach and trainees can be effectively & efficiently managed in a single integrated channel, eliminating disconnected multiple channels such as emails, text, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

#1 Triathlon Club in India
As per IRONMAN Global Club rankings, Yoska is rated the #1 Triathlon Club in India consecutively from 2016 to 2019, #6 in Asia, and the only Indian club in the Global Top 100.

“Our programs are scientifically structured with clear instructions to enable trainees to perform their workouts anytime, anywhere based on their convenience. It is suitable for beginners to people with competitive goals in endurance sports. All our coaches are active athletes and are available virtually for providing their 1:1 expertise at a time suitable for our trainees. We have the maximum number of IRONMAN certified endurance coaches for any club in India,” affirms Deepak.

IRONMAN 70.3 Goa
IRONMAN is the #1 user-based sports brand globally. IRONMAN events are conducted in 50+ countries and the first-ever IRONMAN Triathlon in India - IRONMAN 70.3 Goa, was organized by Yoska in 2019 with over 1000+ participants from 30+ countries. This event received tremendous support from the Government of Goa.