Str8bat: Improving Sporting Techniques With Accurate Data Driven Insights

CIO Vendor Technology has led to the transformation of sports through advanced sports equipment, smart footwear, wearable devices etc. Integration of artificial intelligence and smart analytics in wearable devices helpsplayers improve their performance by providing insights based on analysis of various parameters. However, athletes using a run-of-the-mill solution face challenges in enhancing their sports strategies and techniques owing to erroneous data visualization and inadequate data insights. This is where str8bat has uniquely positioned itself in the market to assist sports athletes achieve excellence by providing them with accurate 3D visualisation and clear insights about the performance by leveraging state-of-the-art motion sensor technology coupled with AI and IoT.

Motion Capture Sensors for Analysis of Essential Parameters
str8bat, a sports technology company headquartered at Bangalore helps sports persons improve their game by identifying areas of strength and tracking the performance to provide real-time feedback and actionable insights. The company has devised a motion sensor wearable device with deep understanding of the physics and motion sciences behind cricket. The device gives clear and actionable insights by analysing various parameters like bat swing, path of the bat swing, swing speed, impact speed, bat angle etc. “It provides complete 3D visualization of the shots from every possible angle. The str8bat sensor records up to 50 overs data and transfers via bluetooth to the Smartphone for processing. It provides never-seen-below parameters like wagon wheel, batsman impact map, bat speed, impact speed, bat lift angle, how long the bat was in line to direction of impact and complete summary of the shots played in a session to help players and coaches analyze the performance and identify the areas of improvement. All these parameters are provided real time on your mobile devices in the
most easy and accessible manner,” informs Rahul Nagar, Co-Founder and COO.
Calendar Based Performance Tracking
The calendar based tracking feature of the device enables players to track their overall performance across days, months or years. It allows players to compare their shots with other players or with themselves (when in-form Vs when out-of-form) to improve the performance. It also serves as a social engagement tool by enabling users to share their performance data with their friends. “We believe that every player has unique style and approach to the game. We help them identify their areas of strength and act accordingly to improve their skills. Understanding the game better is the key to get better. Our analytics engine allows players and coaches to understand the game better by delivering instant insights. We have now more than 100,000 shots captured in our platform, 1,200 plus players using it. Teams like Rajasthan Royals are our esteemed customer and used it during the 2019 IPL season. Now we have many use-cases where there is a quantifiable improvement in batting parmenters of players, across the spectrum, using str8bat,” adds Gagan Daga, Co-Founder and CEO.

Many high profile academies like M S Dhoni Cricket Academies, Dav Whtmore Center Sports Science, Just Cricket and different Center of Excellences across theworld are now using str8bat. Even players from National Cricket Center, Cricket Australia, are finding this tech very useful for their game development.

“str8bat will be a game-changer for batting coaching and will also revolutionise the way we watch batting in the future,” concludes Greg Chappell, the Australian Cricket legend who has joined str8bat as an investor and advisor. He will share his cricketing insights on the str8bat platform with the players across the spectrum from professionals to the amateurs.

With a vision to democratize technology in the sports industry, str8bat is planning to expand its solutions to other sports segments apart from cricket.